I want to do a real photo shoot with Ashlynn and Hunter as well as Briar very soon, but I couldn’t resist taking a quick snapshot of Ashlynn.  She just has the sweetest face.  I love her full lips.  Maddie is still my favorite doll, but I think I prefer Ashynn’s face mold to the other four girls we have so far.  She’s definitely my new second favorite after Miss Maddie!

Prototypes! I might make the cards smaller and the mallets taller.

Totally bought these stockings for a future Lizzie Hearts doll, but Ashlynn said she’s model them for me and keep them warm. 

This is juuuuust right… by Howll on Flickr.


I saw this in Target today, and just had to take a picture. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THEIR QUALITY CONTROL??

I really get annoyed when I see people return a doll with the complete wrong doll in. It really does ruin the joy for someone genuinely looking for that doll :/ Target should have a staff meeting about returns hahaa. If I authorised this return where I work, I’d be in serious trouble lmao